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A Practical Guide to Geopy

During my final major academic project, i was working with Twitter data (ie. tweets). I did some research and found out approximately only 1% of all Tweets published on Twitter are geolocated (ie. have location information). This is a very small portion of the Tweets, and i needed almost every …

Get Familiar with Python

Python is a powerful scripting language.

Guide's to Python :

  • Learn about REST architecture.
  • Know and get familiar with Python. [2][2.1][10]
  • Setup virtualenv [3]
  • Get the feel of handling backend. Complete the django tutorial [4] from official site.
  • Know a bit more about django architecture [5][8]
  • Write …

Octopress - Blog Frameworks

Hello, Everyone! This is blog post for helping you setup your own blog using Octopress framework running over Jekyll. I am Summer Intern at Ophio, a New York based company. I have been given a task to set up my blog. My mentor Mr.Saurabh is a Senior Back-end Developer …

Pelican Python Blogging Framework

Hello, Everyone! This is 2nd blog post about Pelican framework in python.

Deployment of Pelican : Blog Frameworks

Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python. It strikes as a very interesting method as you can write your content purely in your favourite editor (in Markdown Flavour) and commit your …

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