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About Me

Former DevOps and Cloud infrastructure Lead in Bangalore based Startup, Shieldsquare where my work includes managing cloud infra., driving a cloud-based decision, maintaining data pipeline and building data warehouses.

Since 2016, I was leading a small team of cloud developers. As a developer, I prefer writing compute instructions in python, golang to bet on performance and as an operation person, packaging apps in Docker and have extensive experience of running production on Kubernetes system that is designed for deploying, scaling & managing containerized applications. Along with this, I have managed & used different cloud services across Google Cloud Platform (majorly), IBM Softlayer, AWS and other public cloud providers.

Now, As a DevOps consultant, I work along with the technical teams to improve the experience to customers. Growing traffic @Billions every month and the challenges comes around it which involves data engineering excites me.

If you have problems which share common interests, we can get in touch via email, I will be happy to help.

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