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About Me

Former DevOps and Cloud infrastructure Lead in Bangalore based Startup, Shieldsquare where my work includes managing cloud infra., driving a cloud-based decision, maintaining data pipeline and building data warehouses.

Since 2016, I was leading a small team of cloud developers. As a developer, I prefer writing compute instructions in python and as an operation person, I prefer packaging apps in Docker and have extensive experience of running production on Kubernetes system that is designed for deploying, scaling & managing containerized applications. I have experience of managing & using different cloud services across Google Cloud Platform (majorly), IBM Softlayer, AWS, Azure, DO, Rackspace & Netmagic.

Currently, I am on a break, but I am open to contract-based projects, in the field of data engineering & cloud infra. development, in coming weeks. We can get in touch via email.

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