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Octopress - Blog Frameworks

Hello, Everyone! This is blog post for helping you setup your own blog using Octopress framework running over Jekyll. I am Summer Intern at Ophio, a New York based company. I have been given a task to set up my blog. My mentor Mr.Saurabh is a Senior Back-end Developer. He developed many cool stuffs and active contibutor to open-source technology.

Deployment of Octopress : Blog Frameworks for Hackers

Octopress is a static blogging framework built on top of Jekyll. It uses scripts to build static files to be deployed to a server. You can design your blog and deploy on Github-Pages very quickly.

Installation's :

  • Git
  • Jekyll
  • Ruby Gem

How to setup Octopress?? Go ahead.

Variety of theme available here.

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