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Kubernetes HPA Autoscaling with Kafka metrics

K8s Autoscaling with Stackdriver and Kafka

Autoscaling is natively supported on Kubernetes. Since 1.7 release, Kubernetes added a feature to scale your workload based on custom metrics. Prior release only supported scaling your apps based on CPU and memory.

Kubernetes 1.7 introduced "Aggregator Layer" which allows Kubernetes to be extended with additional APIs, beyond …

Sharded Mongodb in Kubernetes StatefulSets on GKE

MongoDB in K8s

This blog is going to demonstrate the setup of Sharded MongoDB Cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine. We will use kubernetes StatefulSets feature to deploy mongodb containers.

We need to cover some concepts before we move on to demonstration.


A StatefulSets is like a Deployment which manages Pods and guarantees …

Managing fleet on Kubernetes

Couple of months ago, we were tackling challenges with scalability of system and were in pursuit of finding right orchestration tools which can help in scaling system quickly. This draft is outline of things we have tried and learned along the way, , most of things might sound familiar to you …

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