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These are some projects that i have worked on in the past.

Global Analytics

Global Analytics is a system which crawls tweets from Twitter API, resolving location of tweets which are not geo-tagged using different Geocoding Map API, translate into english, correctify improper words of tweets and then analyzes the sentiment around a targeted topic (here i.e Governance, Economics, Religion, Tourism) using NLTK techniques with the help of TextBlob and generates the Visual Statistics on different Visualization techniques eg: Map, Histogram etc.


Data-Tag is an evolved system to classify textual data and web pages using NLP techniques, rather than not so intelligent Keyword-based Tagging. It uses NLTK to categorize data tokens into various "Word-Classes" and then using Open Data from Wikipedia applies Word-Sense Disambiguation algorithm to "smartly" tag the input data.

Rotto Link Scraper

Description : A web crawler/scraper to find the broken links in the targeted seed url based on the keywords matched around that broken links. This was Internship work at Ophio, India.


Description : An automation of Daily Food Management of Ophio Company. Project backend is on Firebase , frontend UI developed in AngularJS and a python mailing scheduler to mail employees regarding ordering of Evening Snacks.

Other Websites

List of other websites that i worked on completely or partially.

Software Freedom Day 2014 : Software Freedom Day Website

Titiksha 2013 : Official Technical festival of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University

Job Portal : This project is basically related to Online Job finding. A person will be notified about the jobs available according to his skills mentioned.

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